Our Story

Life on the River keeps you young at heart!
I didn’t grow up on the river, but I have chosen this place as my home, a place that I love to live. Every person that I have met has always been passionate
about their memories and stories of life on the river, a love that runs deep. From the old boathouse liars club, to fishing the 40 acres, family picnics on the
Islands or fishing with their dad in a St. Lawrence skiff, the the river has remained a constant every changing centre of their life. I am a happy dog (s) owner, and walk along the river every morning, in all weather, all seasons , but each day the view is different. But what I have noticed is the sense of freedom, of joy. Watching when fog rises off the river as fishing lines hit the water, or families packing the boat to head to the cottage or those who simply going
for a Sunday boat ride.
And what I also discovered , that even though every river is different , the stories may change, there is something about a river, no matter what river it is. 
As an artist, graphic designer, and illustrator I began to wonder how I would I capture the spirit of life on the river? 
So it began, circa 2015, it was just one design, but as the the company grew, I created new designs and expanded the product line. 

To be able to grow the love of #lifeontheriver , I am constantly creating new designs, and new wear, always looking to my customers for feedback.

 In 2019, the next logical step was to begin doing some of my own silkscreen printing. Today I do approximately 80% of the of the printing , hand pulled the old fashion way.  This has allowed more opportunities to offer  brand by introducing not only new wear, but new designs such  #lifeonthelake wear limited edition for 2022 and #lifeontheroad to see where that goes ..lol .

At the end of the day , it is you my customers that have grown this company , and for that I am forever grateful . We always strived for the  highest level of  quality  and comfort .. but always remember if you're not  happy we  are not happy so we always offer a 100% refund on  any item.

Thank you for coming along on this journey and for your continued support .

Thank you Pam Staples 

Check out a new video by Adam Correia  #lifeontheriver