Our Story

Life on the River keeps you young at heart!
The Beginning 2015 
I didn’t grow up on the river, but I have chosen this place as my home, a place that I love to live. Every person that I have met has always been passionate
about their memories and stories of life on the river, a love that runs deep. From the old boathouse liars club, to fishing the 40 acres, family picnics on the
Islands or fishing with their dad in a St. Lawrence skiff, the the river has remained a constant every changing centre of their life. 
And what I also discovered , that even though every river is different , the stories may change, there is something about a river, no matter where that river it is. 
As an artist, graphic designer, and illustrator I began to wonder how I would I capture the spirit of life on the river? 
So it began, circa 2015, it was just one design, but as the the company grew, I created new designs and expanded the product line. 
After nine wonderful years of being part of this incredible community, I am thrilled to announce that Katy and Mike Kench will be taking over Life on the River co. They are deeply rooted in this community and share my passion of what living life on the river means to all of us. The perfect people to continue the local ❤️
Thank you Pam 
February 2024
Hi! It’s me Katy now!
Myself, along with my fam, will be the new makers and dealers of the comfy and classic Life on the River gear.
A big thank you to Pam for trusting us with carrying on the legacy. We’ll try our best to make her proud and keep her laughing along the way.
LOR was Pam’s idea after experiencing life in Gananoque.
It’s a way of living we never tire of…
Hence why we never left!
Mike and I were both born and raised in Gananoque. Both of us growing up on the St. Lawrence. My family cottage was on Charleston Lake (can we say warmer swimming water?? 😀) and we cannot leave out Mike’s years of paddling and coaching on the Gananoque River.
We’ve done some travelling but the road home always brings us here- to Gan 🥰
This is where our own water babies will grow up.
We love our town, its people, its visitors, and comfy clothing. I’d say this is a match made!
Please reach out anytime with questions.
I’ll be posting lots and look forward to getting you in this awesome gear.
Remember - there’s no such thing as too many hoodies. Prove me wrong.